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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Don't forget to move your clocks forward by 1 hour!

Daylight Saving Time is happening across the U.S. and Canada this weekend, and although many welcome the lighter evenings, the initial hour change can disrupt sleep as we settle into a new pattern. The result can be feelings of fatigue, mood problems and slower reaction times according to Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center, with previous studies showing an increase in traffic accidents, workplace injuries, and even heart attacks in the days following the shift to daylight saving time.

So to remember to try and maximize your sleep quality to wake up with a spring in your step on these new lighter mornings.

Monday, February 29, 2016

How to Make the Most of Leap Year

Every four years, a little-understood but interesting phenomenon takes place: we get an extra day. It’s called Leap Year, and it falls on February 29.

It’s a reprieve, of sorts. Because every year grants us about 365 plus one-quarter days, you could think of it as a six-hour surplus each year for four years. On the fourth year when those hours total 24, it essentially adds an extra day.

Although it may be more accurately referred to as Leap Day, Leap Year has to do with the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the sun, which we now know takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds.

There’s a bit of slip time, so scientists figured out that some changes would have to be made to the calendar to make up the slack.

Make Your ‘Leap Day’ Count

At any rate, we have an extra day, but here’s the beauty of it: For all the days you didn’t do all the healthy things for yourself that you know you should do and really want to do  Leap Year gives you that chance.

Although you likely won’t be able to do anything you’d like, you might think of it as your golden opportunity to spend at least part of Feb. 29 living intentionally and positively, for yourself and the people in your life. Here are some fun ways to do that, inspired by the number 29.

Try doing just one or two, and this will be a day not wasted!

1.    On the 28th, go to bed 29 minutes early.

2.    On the 29th, get up 29 minutes early.

3.    Drink 29 ounces of water.

4.    Take 29 slow breaths through your nose.

5.    Spread your feet, stretch upward slowly and touch your toes. Do this 29 times.

6.    Exercise for 29 minutes.

7.    Make a list of 29 people who’ve helped, inspired or encouraged you. Resolve to tell them (or at least tweet them).

8.    Spend 29 minutes more with the people you love than you normally do.

9.    Smile for at least 29 minutes

10.  If the weather is nice, spend 29 minutes outside.

11.  Drink another 29 ounces of water.

12.  Make a list of 29 to-die-for vacation spots. (You don’t have to actually go.)

13.  List 29 things you’re grateful for.

14.  Go through your closets and pick out 29 items to donate or give away.

15.  Take a 29-minute nap or just spend that time relaxing with your eyes closed.

16.  Create a playlist of 29 of your favorite songs.

17.  Leave work 29 minutes early so you can “smell the roses” on the way home.

18.  List 29 positive things you’ve learned throughout your life.

19.  Straighten or put away 29 items to neaten your space.

20.  In your head, list 29 positive things about your day.

Have a great Leap Day 2016!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Making better new year's resolutions:

Traditionally, New Year’s Day is a time to make resolutions.  In fact, many people make New Year’s resolutions and the most common resolutions involve losing weight.  If you are like most people, you will discover that making resolutions is easy.  The challenge is sustaining them.

According to University of Scranton psychologist John Norcross, author of changing good, studies show that people who resolve to change behaviors do much better than non-resolvers who have the same habits that need to be changed.  Statistics he has gathered reveal that, by the end of January, some 64% of resolvers are still sticking to their resolutions.  At six months, that number drops to 44%.

For this reason, many commentators have expressed the opinion that New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time. But in fact, experts say, the very act of making resolutions improves your odds of success.  The key, they say, to keeping your resolutions is planning.  You need a detailed blueprint that addresses how you will reach your goals in a way that leverages your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.  Below are a few tips from the experts to help you stick with your New Year’s vows.

  • Have realistic expectations – Once you see you are capable of making changes in your behavior, it inspires confidence. Imagine yourself practicing a particular behavior change two weeks out, two months out, two years out, and if can’t, then re-evaluate your goal to make sure it is doable

  • Create detailed mini goals for yourself – Break your resolutions into lots of specific “baby steps.” This will allow you to see incremental progress toward your larger goals and provide greater motivation to keep going.

  • Enlist support – Studies show that social support is critical, especially after the first few weeks when your motivation may begin to flag. Seek out someone who will be there for you long-term.

  • Control your environment – Remove temptations that may distract you from your goals.  Surround yourself with people, places, and things that will help you change your behavior.

  • Reward yourself – Reward yourself all along the way for continued motivation and success–e.g. when you achieve a mini-goal.

  • Anticipate slips and deal with them constructively – Setbacks are inevitable; it is how you respond to them that matters.  Use slip-ups as helpful reminders to remain strong and get back on track, not as excuses to give up.

    Whatever your New Year’s resolutions for better health, remember that just by making them you are already ahead of the pack!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Hours Alert

With the holiday season upon us, we would like to remind you about our holiday hours.  

Thursday, December 24th - Closed early at 5pm

Friday, December 25 to Sunday, December 27, 2015 - CLOSED

Thursday, December 31 - Closed early at 5pm

Friday, January 1 to Sunday, January 3, 2016 - CLOSED

Back to our regular schedule as of Monday, January 4, 2016 at 9am.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and a happy new year from all of us at Pace Pharmacy.

Friday, December 4, 2015

5 Health Tips for the Holiday Season

December is usually synonymous with an abundance of eating and a lack of exercise. I want to encourage you to start this New Year on the right foot. The holidays are a time for celebration and family, not to put on weight. It's almost as if we've come to accept that we are going to put on 10 pounds during each holiday season.

Celebration doesn't have to mean gluttonous eating, or deprivation for that matter. It's time to bring the focus back to the purpose of the holiday. Enjoy your friends and family, the time off and the traditions of the holidays.

The holiday season might not be a time to lose weight, but it doesn't have to be a time to lose your health. The key is to go into the holidays with a plan. Here are five ways to keep your health over the holidays.

Tip #1: Shop Well For Yourself

It is more important than ever to stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Have healthy snacks handy. The more convenient they are, the more likely you are to eat them. Instead of thinking about what you shouldn't eat, promise to eat your 3 to 5 servings of vegetables each day.

Tips #2: Schedule Your Exercise

Your schedule will be very hectic this holiday season. Schedule your workouts just as you would any other appointment. It's ok if you can't make it to class, but make sure that you get some activity in at least three days per week.

Tip #3: Just Say No

You probably aren't aware how much extra food you consume just from people offering it to you. A sample at the market here, an extra cookie at an office party there and it all adds up. Just think twice before you take that food and decide if you really want it.

Tip #4: Skip the Baking

Do you make baked goods for giving? Chances are you eat much of what you bake. Who wouldn't? Instead make non-food gifts, or prepare ingredients for baked goods and put them in pretty jars--let your gift recipient bake it up. That way, they can eat it when they want it and you don't have to be tempted in the kitchen.

Tip #5: Hydrate

Keep your water bottle with you at all times. You should be drinking eight, 8-oz glasses of water each day. One handy trick is to buy a 64 ounce water jug. Fill it up in the morning and know that you need to finish it by the end of the day.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wow, can you believe it's the middle of October already?! And did you see that Blue Jays game last night?!!!  What an exciting time of year.

And on top of that, our renovation has been complete for several weeks now!!  We are now one of the most high tech and well equipped compounding pharmacies in Toronto, maybe even all of Ontario!  Come check us out in person when you get a chance!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The month of August is almost over!  And our renovation is almost complete.  Just a couple finishing touches and it will be perfect! That doesn't mean our new Clean Room and second compound laboratory aren't already operational!  We now exceed all Standards and make other compounding pharmacies jealous!  Come check us out!

With the end of summer comes the start of school and back to work for many people.  That means the Labour Day long weekend is also upon us.  As always, please note our holiday hours:

Saturday, September 5th  = CLOSED

Monday, September 7th  = CLOSED

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon!!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Even though we are amidst a slight rearrangement of our dispensary (some may call it a renovation), please remember we are closed this coming weekend for the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Saturday, August 1st we are CLOSED

Monday, August 3rd we are CLOSED

We will be open again with regular hours on Tuesday, August 4th. Have a great long weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Okay, so it's been a while to say the least since we've updated our little blog here.  But it's because there are big things happening at Pace Pharmacy!  We're renovating to serve you better.  This summer we have started the process of increasing our compounding laboratory space and improving upon the most high-tech compounding pharmacy facility in Toronto.  If you want to see, come on by and check out the progress....otherwise, stay tuned.

In the meantime, here is some summertime information that I think you will find useful.  In the spirit of the PanAm Games taking place right now in Toronto, here are some tips to prevent dehydration during summer sports:

Summer's rise in temperatures heightens the dehydration risk for fitness fanatics. To continue playing hard this summer, it is important to know how to stay hydrated in all situations under the sun.

What is dehydration?

During physical activity, our body temperature increases significantly. The body responds by perspiring (aka, sweating), which allows our body to maintain a stable temperature. The flipside is that while we sweat we also lose water and risk dehydration.

Dehydration elevates the heart rate and our internal temperature and makes physical effort become more and more difficult. If we don't rehydrate sufficiently, the body pumps more blood to the skin in an attempt to reduce the excess of heat. However, this process also reduces the amount of oxygen being circulated to the brain and the muscles. In extreme cases, the body simply stops functioning correctly and can even lose consciousness.

Dehydration symptoms

When we are dehydrated, the most frequent symptoms are nausea, light-headedness and general confusion accompanied by a high heart rate and a feeling of fatigue.

How to stay well hydrated

The amount of water to drink during a session of physical activity depends on each individual as well as the ambient temperature. It is essential, however, to always begin a sporting activity well hydrated. Observing the color of your urine is a simple indicator: it should be pale yellow. If the color is dark, this could indicate a lack of water in the body.

During physical activity, it is important to drink regularly. If you are running for less than an hour, regular water is sufficient to keep you well hydrated. Beyond this time-frame, drinking a sports drink as well as water is recommended. Or, consume 20 to 30g of sugar (about 8 sugar cubes) diluted in 1 liter of water. 

To recuperate post-workout, it is important to favour sparkling water over flat as they are rich in bicarbonate and sodium. When it's particularly hot out, don't hesitate to add a pinch of salt to your water (around 1g per liter).

Energy drinks or sports drinks?

Sports drinks are perfectly adapted to the body's needs during physical activity. They contain carbohydrates, minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium) as well as vitamin D that is best absorbed by the body's organism when exposed to the sun.

On the contrary, energy drinks are not recommended during sports as they contain stimulating ingredients like caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and guarana that can provoke serious cardiac and gastric problems. 

Stay safe, and enjoy the summer. See you soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

With the warmer weather comes long weekends! Which means: please plan ahead as we will be closed for the Victoria Day holiday.  We close on all long weekends, year round.

Specifically, we will be closed on Saturday, May 16th and Monday, May 18th.  We will be open regular hours on Tuesday, May 19th.

Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Tips for Surviving Spring Allergy Season

Up to 50 million Americans (we can assume how many Canadians from that stat) suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Pollen is the most common season-related allergen. If you are one of those experiencing a stuffy nose, watery eyes, itchy nose or eyes, here are 5 tips for surviving allergy season:

1. Keep it cool. Turn on the air-conditioner and keep the windows closed to keep the pollen out of your home and car.

2. Change your clothes and shoes as soon as you get home, as pollen can stick to fabric.

3. Wear sunglasses. When you go out, don´t forget your sunglasses, as they can also help keep the pollen out of your eyes.

4. Strengthen your immune system. Some research suggests that having a healthy immune system can help you avoid allergies. Some foods that can help you strengthen your immune system are those rich in antioxidants like berries, tomatoes, green tea, etc. Also, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids have shown to help boost your immune system.

5. Try some OTC remedies. Eye drops, nasal sprays and oral antihistamines can help. Although antihistamines are not addictive, they can lose some of their effectiveness over time. If your symptoms are not controlled, consider switching brands.

Adam's allergy medication tip: some antihistamines work better when taken on an empty stomach!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Please plan ahead as we will be closed this coming weekend for the Good Friday holiday. 

We will be closed on Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th.  We will be open regular hours on Monday, April 6th.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  Just remember a couple things if you are going to be celebrating today:  Drink lots of water to replenish fluids; take a multivitamin (including B-complex vitamins); and eat something - and not just a bag of chips!  Do these small things, and you'll thank me tomorrow morning :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We have been busy over here at Pace Pharmacy!  We are expanding our services and can now safely and cost-effectively fill prescriptions not only for you, your family, and your friends, but also your pets!

That's right, we now are filling prescriptions to all Health Canada approved Veterinary medications!

It's simple: Ask your Veterinarian for a prescription for your beloved pet (like you would from your own family doctor), and then bring it to Pace Pharmacy and we will fill it for you!  It's simple!  The benefit to you, can be like saving upwards of hundreds and hundreds of your hard earned money!  The medications are the same, but you spend much less!

Ask us how to save money!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We can't wait to see you in 2015 and we can't wait to grow even more!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting ready for the holidays?  Don't forget to double check our holiday hours and closure schedule, as posted below.

Of course, we want to wish you a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday season and an prosperous new year!

From your friends at Pace Pharmacy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

As the weather gets colder, outdoor activities can expose you to health hazards if you aren't properly dressed.  To avoid frostbite or hypothermia, both conditions related to overexposure to wet and cold temperatures, dress for the weather by wearing appropriate outdoor clothing: layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats; scarves; and waterproof boots.  Keep this in mind this winter season!

Monday, November 3, 2014

With Halloween over and now that we are into November.  It's important to start planning ahead.

That is why we are posting our Holiday hours so early in the season.  Please try and get your refills, orders, pickups/deliveries arranged well in advance.  Our schedule will be as follows:

      Wednesday, December 24th - 9am-5pm (Closing 1 hour early)

      Thursday, December 25th - CLOSED

      Friday, December 26th - CLOSED

     Saturday, December 27th - CLOSED


      Wednesday, December 31st - 9am-5pm (Closing 1 hour early)

      Thursday, January 1st - CLOSED

Then, we are back to our regular schedule.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us.

***(We are sorry but all our blog entries prior to Novermber 1st, 2014, were lost in a technical difficulty...looks like we are starting from scratch)***

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